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Intensive Small Groups

We will check your level and interests in a free session and we will enroll you in one of our intensive small groups (up to eight students).

A Level CoursesB Level CoursesC Level Courses
One-To-One Instruction

The levels and curriculum, designed by Instituto Cervantes ( is organized in six levels:

A Level CoursesA1 enables students to access the Spanish-speaking world, improves their academic education and provides them with confidence to continue advancing towards the other levels.

This course accredits that students will be able to use elementary language in communication situations involving immediate needs or very common everyday matters.

It is an internationally recognized certification tool that connects people from their first contact with Spanish and evaluates their level in Spanish from the beginning of their studies.

A2 When you finish this course you will be capable of understanding daily phrases and expressions frequently used related to areas of experience which are particularly relevant to you. That means basic information about yourself, family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.

B Level CoursesB1 This course provides the students sufficient knowledge of the language to handle situations which require an elementary use of the language. It is also known as intermediate, threshold, or just middle level.

B2 High intermediate level, also called “Diploma Básico de Español” accredits the student with the necessary knowledge of the language to allow communication in everyday situations which do not require the use of specialized terms.

C Level CoursesC1 This accredits the sufficient linguistic competence to cope in common situations of daily life which require a specialized use of the language.

C2 The “Diploma Superior de Español” accredits an advanced knowledge of the language which allows communication in all situations requiring advanced use of the language and a knowledge of cultural background.

What happens when I am done?

Once you finish a course level (commonly in six months if you attend with regularity and actively participate in our classes) you will receive a certificate of approach and the possibility of re-enrolment in the next level without paying a new enrolment fee (you will only have to pay for new level books) … or you can either decide to go for the official international examination from the Instituto Cervantes (we will be offering examination next semester).

If you are especially interested in the official certification, we also will be offering EXTRA intensive groups focused only in DELE examination or you can even just register for examination.

Anyway, Madrid in Austin is not still an official examination center for DELE but we will be ready next semester. For more information about DELE examination visit

Customized Groups – Build Your Own Team

Specially designed for college students or corporation teams but also opened to families or groups of friends, this service is, also, a good way to save money. At the same time you decide the time and place, so … is there anything more flexible???

The course will be absolutely focused in your needs for your succeed in your college Spanish classes or your business activity and needs. As we create the group and lesson planning together, everything is absolutely adapted to you.

We will charge the tuition to the group, regardless of the number of students are attending … more friends, more savings!!! (In behalf of the class quality a maximum limit of 12 students will apply.)

And remember, we have different types of professional in our teacher’s team. Our Spanish classes can be specialized in any kind of activity, from the most academic college Spanish to different areas such as construction, medical Spanish, customer services, technology and communication services, etc.

One-To-One Tutoring

1 to 1 InstructionThis absolutely personalized learning experience can happen in our facilities, at home, at a café or wherever you need it. (Even through SKYPE or telephone.) If you need a very special upgrade in your Spanish and you cannot attend our regular schedule, ask us for a quote. You will discover that the prices are still affordable and we can be very flexible in schedule and meeting your needs.

We Not Only Teach …

Cultural Activities

Free for members, (or at least for a really reduced price) and open to everyone interested, we will organize many cultural activities and events. From a soccer game (just for fun) to a field trip, watching Spanish movies together, attending cuisine events, cooking out, attending a flamenco show, or just go party together!!!!!

We Also Offer …

Study Abroad Possibilities

Study Abroad!

Through an agreement with the most important and trusty school of Spanish in Spanish speaking countries, you can experience one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable adventures of your life.

We can design for you a course in most of the Spanish-speaking countries with all the guarantees and standards of satisfaction. From a simply summer course to a complete semester abroad, enrolled in an intensive Spanish course or even in a real International College, accredited through Jacksonville University in Florida.

Different accommodation options are available (family, college residence, shared apartments, etc.) according to your likes and, of course, to your budget, but always with the guarantee of having the double attention of our personnel here in Austin and there in the country.

Different locations are available in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala or Peru.

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