Translation Services

Since I first arrived to Austin area in 2009, I was surprised with the low quality of almost all the documentation that I read in Spanish.

From the School District letters to the parents, to the commercials,  bank letters, and even in some official documentation. (The drivers licence manual from the State of Texas made me laugh but also confused me till a point that I had to download the English one, to understand the meaning of nonsense expressions).

And I am not talking about the regionalisms or the differences between my Spanish prom Spain and the Mexican Spanish mostly spoken in Texas. I am talking about BAD SPANISH. Grammatical mistakes, bad verb conjugations, use of words that do not exist, use of authomatic or online translators…

Can you figure out the poor image that a business is giving when doing this? You may have readers and customers from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, Honduras… Sometimes people very well educated that look at your Spanish documentation and laugh.

That is why MADRID IN AUSTIN is doing High Quality Translation servicies with different businesses and institutions, with very good results and in a very easy way to organize. The prices are very reasonable your readers and customers will see the difference.

Our translators are native speakers and bilingual. Your message in Spanish will look professional and serious.

Never like this one…








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