Our Team

These are the profiles of some members of the team:

Columbus is the founder and the President of Madrid in Austin. He is currently living in England but still try to visit the groups and meet the students as often as possible. Álvaro is a lawyer, an entrepreneur and, above all, a vocational teacher. He is currently working as a Spanish lecturer at The Henley College, in England. He is in charge of administration and customer services. Permanently in search of new ways to improve quality and students´ satisfaction, and trying to build honest and durable relationships with each one of them.


caricatura_pedro_almodovarPedro “Almodovar”(*)
 This great teacher from Albacete (Castilla la Mancha- Spain) is the personification of effectiveness. He can find the way to teach the hardest lessons in the funniest way with a sincere care for every single student. With him, satisfaction and results are guaranteed.


Rosa-Mina de Castro (*) It is a privilege to have her in the team. This teacher has a large experience at University level and has participated in some Spanish language books. A recognized linguistic professional. Born in Santander, Spain, each lesson goes together with anecdotes of her interesting life.



(*) The use of famous and celebrities´  names helps us to protect our  teacher’s privacy. The profiles are, however, quite accurate.

As a part of our unique perspective of life, and also part of our culture we love to share good times with friends. If you become a member of Madrid in Austin family you will be able to hang out with the teachers in our cultural activities, cook outs, soccer games, movies watching/forums, etc.

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